the EXPLANATION please

“Living” Oxymoron “Epitaph”

Instagram Feed speaks 4 itself

Instagram Feed speaks 4 itself

An oxymoron is a figure of speech that juxtaposes apparently contradictory elements. Oxymora appear in a variety of contexts, including inadvertent errors such as ground pilot and literary oxymorons crafted to reveal a paradox

I appreciate YOUR support patience and friendships during this journey.  Please don’t ask WHY?

If celebrating LIFE is a crime than this feed is not for you.

How do you FEED Online?

Tired? Scared? Hopeless? Frustrated?
Stumbling Studying finding nothing Searching for something special?

Looking through a minutia of world Wide web pages confused or lost only to log off feeling depleted or defeated?

Tired of SURFING information with no character?

Waste no more time! Friend, YOU located a Pulsating Grandiloquent Phenomenon WAVE of Wonderful

Come Join the Party YEAH!


Nightly 6:00pm MIDnight CSTd


Instagram 4 an INstaLIFE Celebration

When the spirit speaks I listen. Hence a reasons for uploading in succession on my social media network. Once upon a time was born. In 1995 online sharing my daily battle with HIV/AIDS using characters in it’s raw form. Images a luxury with video further into the future. Audience found me as I was not searching for the. Launching a personal web journal blog or web site was unheard of then. Once dedicated to my web page which explains below may understand my enthusiasm on Instagram Celebration nightly.

Instagram is a great editor sharing my story. 15 sec vid clips or photos tell a continuous tale. Video clips sing while images explain my state of mind. 30 plus years HIV positive coincides to discovering Madonna as a teenager making her one of many a muse 4 expression. Madonna’s song Vogue is my way of taking a small break if you wondered why.

Updated last night click here

Projectpigflys on STATIGRAM desktop

Follower supporter fan or haters understand #crYptic hash tags and uploads tell the story if interested.

whY hash taGs in ODd noN stop spellings Or wriTINg ? Y GOD NOT IN… It may be confusing but it is not too hard to follow if one wants to play along. Strictly a process to organizing thoughts similarly to a books crib notes or for the spiritual speaking in tongues. Hash tags known to be sarcastic, ironic, or poignant pending on the mood.



BelievE 2 beING Hyper aware sharIng MENtal MIXed MESSages based IN REALity upLOADed 4 FEEDing

Hot festIVal on pop CULTure

Not on Instagram? No Problem
View partial Uploaded episodes via
Twitter: @ThomCollins
Tumblr: @Sybaratic

everyBODY welCOMEd

Giving YOU a LIVE Reality Double Check In Real Time REALness production

2014 BIGger BETter FASTer STRONGer



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  1. hey Thom, I’m hotnflorida on I saw your profile…you’re a guy that I could possibly be friends with in the future. I don’t tweet, or facebook. lol…kinda of a private guy that lets other steer me. hit me up when u have time….looking to chat and get to know guys in OKC again….trying to get back and hit the ground running. Kudos on your vision and truth to this site….it really shows….and shows the kind of person I’d like to be friends with….again.


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